When Hamlet Eats, He Dies (whoishamlet) wrote,
When Hamlet Eats, He Dies

Tapping Connections

Apparently it's not the Ybor Chamber of Commerce that needs a bribe.

We have a supporter now who's dealt with Ybor in the past, and has given us the name and phone number of the person to speak with regarding the matter. Will's going to call her tomorrow morning and offer her various sexual favors.

New acting recruit today. Excellent actress from a local university.

We addressed the continuity issue again tonight...that being the problem of doing the play in five acts over five weeks, and seeing people start watching at Act III and not know what the fuck's going on.

One proposition to solve this - Have the actor playing Fortinbras do a verbal recap (town crier-style) before Act II and on begin. Other suggestions from our reading audience would be appreciated.
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