When Hamlet Eats, He Dies (whoishamlet) wrote,
When Hamlet Eats, He Dies

Tentative Green Light

Will finlly got in touch with the Centro Ybor business office. Our contact there listened to the concept and gave us positive feedback, saying it sounded like a wonderful idea and something Centro would want.

But of course, she had to talk to the People In Charge, but she thought the reacion would be favorable.

We're supposed to call back Monday for the verdict. Will expressed some concern that Centro would try to involve itself in some way, like advertising in order to draw business crowds to the area. Of course, we don't want that, at LEAST not for Act I. Preferably not anytime after that, either.

So, we're going to make a game plan to deal with that should it come up, and we're going to sit and come up with any other lame things Centro might try to pull, so that we can refute them.

We also think we've found a good female Rosencrantz.
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